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A small part of Project Mask4Aid involves projection mapping the artistic work of several talented post-secondary students, as well as that of working artists, alongside the artwork of K12 students. Recognizing that the primary driver of content with Project Mask4Aid will be work submitted by K12 students, we nevertheless wanted to include the work of professionals and semi-professionals as representatives of the larger community of artists working and studying in Toronto. 


In addition to the collecting hundreds of pieces of mask art and poetry submitted to Project Mask4Aid, a small budget has been created to pay college students, graduate and undergraduate, as well as working artists, for the production of mask art. 


Working artists and students should follow the process below to be selected for participation in Project Mask4Aid, understanding that honorarium payments will be capped at $250.00 for a single piece of mask art from each participant, with a subsidized materials budget of not more than $100.00.


To be chosen for this project, write to, with the words “Artist Submission” in the subject line, giving us the following pieces of information:


  1. In PDF format, a written overview of your body of work, and a brief proposal (1 paragraph) describing your conception of a potential mask art creation. Also include your cv or resume, or a link to one. Be certain to include if you are a student or working artist, and the name of the university you attend. 


  1. A link to your portfolio displayed in a website, app, general digital storage, or social media. (Instagram, Drop Box, Facebook, etc.)


  1. A timeline suggesting how long you believe it will take to complete your work. All work must be submitted before May 31st, the earlier the better. 


If selected, you will be contacted by email with an artists agreement for your review and signature. We will also work out the process of sending you a materials fee (receipts appreciated), and the method of submitting final artwork. We do not expect to be able to select more than 20 artists or post-secondary students for this element of Project Mask4Aid.  

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